hopTo Work 2.0 Announced!
Includes MAX – Mobile Apps eXperience and support on Android

MAXcontrol:Provide access to Windows apps and frequently used functions with customized shortcuts with no coding required.

MAXedit: Simplify tricky Windows key combinations with a single touch friendly button. Easy to use function keys Alt, Tab, ESC etc.

MAXcam: Insert photos, scanned documents, bar codes and QR codes into a Windows application directly from a device’s camera.

hopTo work is completely secure. Nothing ever resides on the device.

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BYOD, just the way you are

Adding BYOD to your business operations doesn't need to be costly or complicated. hopTo Work leverages your existing infrastructure to offer a secure, app-based solution that enables complete and instant mobility throughout your organization

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Securely interact with everything you need, when you need it

hopTo Work provides your team with a rich mobile productivity experience: powerful document editing, rich email client with full enterprise functionality, touch-friendly access to legacy applications and much, much more…

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(Special introductory pricing. Valid until 1st April 2015)

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  • 100 users/server
  • Does not include app installation time on user’s device


  • $78 user license. One-off cost. (Usual cost: $99 user)
  • Includes multiple devices per user.


  • $21/user/year (includes updates and support)

Total Implementation

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The BYOD Simplification

By 2017, 2 out of 3 companies will be adopting a BYOD solution, but buyer beware! There is a notion out there that you must recreate an entirely new cloud/on-premise infrastructure to deliver a BYOD solution. This white paper describes how hopTo Work leverages existing infrastructure to deliver a comperhensive BYOD solution by adding a touch-friendly workspace that lets users work securely from anywhere.

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hopTo continues to define the mobile workspace by transporting and...


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