• MAXcontrol:

    For personalization of your application, MAXcontrol gives customers and partners the ability to customize touch-friendly access to features within their applications. These controls are tailored to the specific use-cases of a given application, providing easy access to frequently used functions. Using an intuitive administration tool within the hopTo Work Agent, IT personnel have the ability to create such customized functions for each application they choose to mobilize.

  • MAXedit:

    One of the biggest usability challenges with Windows apps on mobile devices is data and text entry. MAXedit greatly simplifies that process by providing controls to easily allow users to navigate across a data entry form, use the clipboard to cut and paste text, select text, and easily navigate through the application. There are also special keys for interaction keys like Shift, Control, Alt, Tab and Esc. (Screen Shot: Special keys keyboard)

  • MAXcam:

    Insert photos, scanned documents, bar codes and QR codes into a Windows application running on the server directly from a device’s camera. Run the full Windows version of inventory, asset management, event or visitor tracking software right from your mobile device. MAXcam allows full access to Windows-based barcode scanning without the need for expensive mobile or USB based-barcode scanners. No information ever resides on the mobile device.